The HSL Group only drives freight trains through Europe. The product range extends from containers, trailers, grain, motor vehicles, chemical or even dangerous products. A certification for waste products is available as well as the SQAS certifications, which we adhere to. On August 5th, 2017 we moved to our new offices and prepared for new big challenges. At the beginning, the managing director and co-owner was still alone on the set-up and, according to the current “step by step” motto, brought additional employees into the company.

HSL Netherlands only takes selected employees who live and implement the high quality requirements of the company. We don’t need anyone who only comes to work. We want people who bring their ideas into the company and implement them in close cooperation with their colleagues and the management. We are only looking for people who can identify with the company. For us, the customer, the product, the environment and safety come first; no ifs and buts. From the beginning, HSL Netherlands received its 5-year-old license on June 1st, 2018 and already drove the first train from Germany to Rotterdam on August 5th, 2018. We work very closely with the Ministry and are open to all innovations, so we have officially and publicly agreed to work with the Ministry on security and environmental issues.

We are currently driving various products in block trains from and to Holland and our Mission Control monitors your product 24/7.

We have calculated the prices very sharply in order to get your product to its destination safely and quickly! Convince yourself. Sit back, we will take care of the rest!

Your wish is our mission!​


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